Friday, February 26, 2010

Wow .. thats real loot

Mid-day lists the items that it says were recovered from the PostMaster General's house and we thought indian post office's are loosing value

The loot: Spectrum fixed deposit receipt of the Punjab National Bank, New Delhi for Rs 1,10,000
Over 12 debit and credit cards

Foreign currencies including 10,722 dollars (Rs 4.97 lakh), 3,050 pounds (Rs 2.16 lakh) and 3,470 euros (Rs 2.17 lakh)
Over Rs 34 lakh in cash in denominations of Rs 1,000, Rs 500, Rs 100 and Rs 10
Gold ornaments, along with seven passports, 12 mobile phones, seven high-end laptops valued at over Rs 5 lakh
45 imported liquor bottles. Apart from the alcohol, details of 22 bank accounts and PPF accounts with a cash balance of over Rs 26 lakh, two luxurious cars and imported cigars were seized from Bali

Irony is one of the post office clerk has been caught for a bribery of Rs 500.

Their arrests also exposed the different levels of greed between a senior and junior postal staffer. Bali was nabbed accepting Rs 2 crore as bribe, while the clerk was caught taking a bribe of Rs 500 on Wednesday.

Lesson learnt : study hard and be at top otherwise chances are that you will be caught with rs500 only


  1. We read from time to time that some clerk is caught whle taking a small bribe. In reality, everyone 'above' him is also accepting bribes.

    The person on the lowest level is made a scapegoat. The big fish usually get away.

  2. Corruption like inflation , is no longer an issue.
    A small timer gets caught and the big boys go scot free.
    It is hard to bielive that these crores were being digested alone.It is possible that for this deal, he refused to share the booty.
    Very soon, this man will be at loot again.