Friday, February 5, 2010

How successful is RG's visit to Bihar

Something which probably went unreported in leading papers and picked up in a bihar centric website

"Protesting students shouted, “There is Congress government in Maharashtra and you also have the government at Centre, but why do you keep your mouth shut when Biharis are beaten in Bombay. Don’t ever come to Bihar to play your cheap and hypocritical politics.

Gandhi had to apologize as Congress leaders present at the venue failed to calm down the angry students. He, finally, had to leave the campus as students refused to listen to him."

Also for a change Maharastra Govt was able to keep Sena folks in check!!

The same Govt, during the Rail board exams or during the time when the same S went around smashing the taxis in Mumbai, had failed to keep Sena folks in check (??)

"Referring to the tight security blanket thrown for Rahul Gandhi's four-hour trip, Thackeray said Shiv Sainiks all over the city were prevented from their democratic right of protesting by waving black flags."

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